Use Mediasite Player to view the following types of presentations using your Web browser:

  • Live presentations: presentations that are broadcast while they are being recorded. You can join a live presentation before it begins or after it has already started.
  • On-demand presentations: presentations that are played back any time after they have been recorded.
  • Portable presentations: recorded presentations that are self-contained and can be played back from your local hard drive or a CD. Portable presentations do not require a network connection.

When you close a presentation before it is finished, a bookmark is created so that you can resume viewing the presentation at the same point later. For example, if you are viewing a presentation and exit the window at 3:17 minutes into the presentation when you launch the presentation again the presentation will begin playing at 3:17 minutes. Bookmarks are not saved if you are an unauthenticated user, that is, you have not logged into the system.